Twilight should mostly work out of the box. Please make sure you enable Device settings > Location from network. In this case Twilight will automatically detect your sunset and sunrise time and synchronize your screen tint with the sun.

In case you are a shift worker, night time worker, live close to the pole or in general your schedule is irregular and not connected with the sun cycle you may want to select other Filter times and Sun. You may choose to use filter times based on your alarm time, custom times or use Filter times: always and control Twilight manually using pause and resume.

The default intensity and temperature settings are a compromise between blue light filtering and appearance. To achieve better blue light filtering consider using higher intensity over 60% and combine it with a non-zero dim. The more intensity and dim you use the more blue light gets filtered but also the less contrast of your screen. In general those settings are a trade off between contract and screen readability and blue light filtering the more intensity you use the less contract but less blue light. So this simply means use as much intensity as you can bear.. regarding temperature I recommend minimum temperature as this only adds green in which is also melatonin sensitive..

Ideal color temperature is 1000K which maximizes contrast and minimizes blue and green. Adding more temperature may be softer on the eyes but may add green which according to some studies may also have effect on melatonin.

Some options explained

Backlight control
– adjusts your display backlight within filter times

– integrates with your smart light bulbs – currently supports Philips HUE

Civil sunset
– there are several sunset / sunrise times, please check here: Civil sunset makes most sense for the app IMHO. If you like to get the official sunset / sunrise, please uncheck civil times in settings – more..


Easy tasker setup with AutoShare

Automation of Twilight with Tasker/Locale/Llama etc. (by Niki)

There is a Tasker plug-in Twilight. But you can also use custom intents.



Pause 1 minute



(Does not work with Twilight Accesibility service on, Accessibility service life-cycle can only be controlled by the user in the Phone Settings)



(Does not work with Twilight Accesibility service on, Accessibility service life-cycle can only be controlled by the user in the Phone Settings)


Change profile


EXTRA: profile = <profile name> (use colon in Tasker profile:Bed time)

Show quick settings



The following only works if Twilight is not set as Accessibility service:

The intents must be addressed as target Service to the service class com.urbandroid.lux.TwilightService in the package com.urbandroid.lux. The commands are supplied as extras. The extras are of type string and the value can be set to an arbitrary value.
However, it is recommended to set the value to the same name as the extras name.

The supported list of extras are:
* update
* refresh
* preview
* profile_next
* quick_settings
* profile = <profile name>
* toggle
* start
* stop

One option to send the intent is using the am command. For example, the following command (as root) can be used to enable Twilight:
am startservice –es start start com.urbandroid.lux/.TwilightServiceFor Tasker, the action Send Intent from category Misc can be used.
The correct configuration is as follows:Action: [empty]
Cat: None
Extra: start:start
Package: com.urbandroid.lux
Class: com.urbandroid.lux.TwilightService
Target: Service